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Walk the vanished earth, a novel, Erin Swan - hardcover

"The year is 1873, and a buffalo hunter named Samson travels the Kansas plains. The year is 1975, and an adolescent girl named Bea walks those very same plains. The year is 2024 and, after a series of devastating storms, an engineer named Paul has left behind his suburban existence to build a floating city above the drowned streets that were once New Orleans. The year is 2073, and Moon has heard only stories of the blue planet-Earth, as they once called it, now succumbed entirely to water. A sweeping family epic, told over seven generations as America changes and so does its dream, Walk the Vanished Earth is a novel that explores ancestry, legacy, motherhood, the trauma we inherit, and the power of connection in the face of our planet's imminent collapse"--, Provided by publisher
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376 pages, 24 cm

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