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Lazy dungeon master, story, Supana Onikage ; art, Nanaroku ; character design, Youta ; translation, Jessica Latherow ; adaptation, Molly Muldoon ; lettering, Jamil Stewart ; cover design, H. Qi ; editor, McKenzie Carnahan - paperback

Masuda Keima just wants to sleep. Too bad for him, he<U+2019>s been pulled from comfy sheets into a fantasy dungeon that he<U+2019>s charged to protect. Failing to do so will cost him his life. His only guide on what to do is the personification of the Dungeon Core, Rokuko. But she<U+2019>s a moron who can<U+2019>t even figure out how to get rid of a group of bandits. If Keima ever wants to get some sweet dreams again, he<U+2019>ll have to do all the planning himself! -- Amazon
Literary Form
non fiction
In keeping with the original Japanese format, this book reads from back to front and right to left
Physical Description
volumes, chiefly illustrations, 19 cm

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