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Light it, shoot it, retouch it, learn step by step how to go from empty studio to finished image, Scott Kelby - (pbk.)

Scott Kelby, the world<U+2019>s #1 best-selling author of photography books, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Photoshop User magazine, and Publisher of the just-released Light It magazine, has reinvented how lighting books are written by finally revealing the entire process from start to finish. You see everything from the complete lighting setup (and all the gear used), to the shoot (including all the camera settings and a contact sheet of the progression of the shoot), to the all-important part that most books don<U+2019>t dare include<U+2013>the post-processing and retouching in Photoshop. This book also breaks new ground in the visual way it teaches you the lighting setup. There aren<U+2019>t any sketches or 3D models<U+2013>you see the lighting layout in a full-page photo, taken from above during the live shoot, so you can see exactly where everything<U+2019>s positioned (the subject, the photographer, the lighting, the background<U+2013>you name it<U+2013>you see it all). Plus, you<U+2019>ll see side, over-the-shoulder, and more behind-the-scenes views, so you can absolutely nail the lighting every time
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non fiction
Includes index
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xxv, 238 pages, illustrations, 25 cm.

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