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The authority gap, why women are still taken less seriously than men, and what we can do about it, Mary Ann Sieghart - hardcover

"An incisive, intersectional look at the mother of all gender biases: a resistance to women's authority and power. Every woman has a story of being underestimated, ignored, challenged, or patronized in the workplace. Maybe she tried to speak up in a meeting, only to be talked over by male colleagues. Or a client addressed her male subordinate instead of her. Despite the progress we've made toward equality, we still fail, more often than we might realize, to take women as seriously as men. In "The Authority Gap," journalist Mary Ann Sieghart examines the wide-ranging implications of this critical gender bias. She explores its intersections with race and class biases and the measures we can take to bridge the gap. With precision and insight, she marshals a wealth of data from a variety of disciplines -- including psychology, sociology, politics, and business -- and interviews pioneering women like Booker Prize winner Bernardine Evaristo and Janet Yellen."--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Introduction: Why Bart Simpson has more authority than Margaret Thatcher -- You don't have to read this chapter (unless you're a skeptic about the authority gap) -- The view from the other side: what we can learn about men and women from people who've lived as both -- The authority gap in action: if you could just let me fini- -- It's not a zero-sum game: we all gain from narrowing the authority gap -- The confidence trick: confidence is not the same as competence -- Conversational manspreading: how men hog the floor -- Changing our minds: how hard it is for women to exert influence -- Hello? Anyone there? Voices in the void -- Women do it too: how our reptilian brains work against us -- It's all around us: the world is framed by men -- Lady Macbeth meets Medusa: why do we hate women in power? -- Bias entangled: the busy intersection of prejudice -- All things bright and beautiful: or maybe if you're beautiful, you can't be bright? -- Shut your whore mouth! The dangers of having an opinion and a vagina -- No need to despair: we can narrow the authority gap in one generation
Literary Form
non fiction
First American edition.
Physical Description
viii, 375 pages, 25 cm

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