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A brush with shadows, Anna Lee Huber - paperback

"July 1831. It's been fifteen years since Sebastian Gage has set foot in Langstone Manor. Though his wife, Lady Kiera Darby, knows little about his past, she knows that he planned never to return to the place of so many unhappy childhood memories. But when an urgent letter from his grandfather, the Viscount Tavistock, reaches them in Dublin, Ireland, begging Gage to visit, Kiera convinces him they should go. All is not well at Langstone Manor. Gage's grandfather is gravely ill, and Gage's cousin Alfred has vanished after wandering out into the moors. The Viscount is convinced something other than the natural hazards of the moors is to blame for Alfred's disappearance. And when Alfred's brother Rory goes missing, Kiera and Gage must concede he may be right. Now, they must face the ghosts of Gage's past, discover the truth behind the local superstitions, and see beyond the tricks being played by their very own eyes to expose what has happened to Gage's family--before the moors claim yet another victim."--, Provided by publisher
Literary Form
First edition.
Physical Description
viii, 375 pages, 20 cm.

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