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The illustrated history of pistols, revolvers and submachine guns, a fascinating guide to small arms development covering the early history through to the modern age, Will Fowler, Anthony North and Charles Stronge

This comprehensive encyclopedia of small arms is both an authoritative reference work and a stunning visual directory. This book, illustrated with 180 photographs and diagrams, looks at early weapons, then brings readers up to date with the arms that have shaped the conflicts of the last 150 years. Old weapons are often objects of beautiful craftsmanship, both in their workings and their ornate inlay, carvings or metalwork. Just as impressive are the sleek, light and efficient modern designs.Written by military experts, this is an essential handbook for anyone interested in the history of small arms, gun manufacture and conflicts of war
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
96 pages, illustrations (chiefly color), 23 cm

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