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Be the parent, please, stop banning seesaws and start banning Snapchat : strategies for solving the real parenting problems, Naomi Schaefer Riley - hardcover

"Screens are seductive. We see it in our toddlers, begging for tablets. We see it in our pre-teens, leading double lives on Tumblr. We see it in ourselves, too, as much of our time gets sucked into news feeds and emails. From a parenting vantage, technology has been the holy grail, allowing us to outsource the unpleasant tasks and give ourselves a break. No clean-up after painting when it's done on a tablet. No complaints of "I'm bored" on a road trip when there's a game-loaded smartphone. No screams when you have to take a call if the kids are absorbed in a screen rather than running around the house. But, as many parents have guessed from their distracted, sedentary, and incessantly anxious-about-what-might-be-going-on-without-them kids, there some things you just can't out-source: you have to be the parent."--Book jacket
Table Of Contents
Introduction: Screen time -- What we don't know can't hurt us -- Babies aren't meant to be Einsteins -- Are you preparing your child for school or Las Vegas? -- Drop the call... and the phone while you are at it -- The price of internet access is eternal vigilance -- Think American education can't get worse? Put iPads in the classroom -- Just say no -- Less technology, more independence
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non fiction
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x, 251 pages, 23 cm

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