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Homegrown, Timothy McVeigh and the rise of right-wing extremism, Jeffrey Toobin - hardcover

New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Toobin traces the dramatic history and profound legacy of Timothy McVeigh, who once declared, “I believe there is an army out there, ready to rise up, even though I never found it.” But that doesn<U+2019>t mean his army wasn<U+2019>t there. With news-breaking reportage, Toobin details how McVeigh<U+2019>s principles and tactics have flourished in the decades since his death in 2001, reaching an apotheosis on January 6 when hundreds of rioters stormed the Capitol. Homegrown reveals how the story of Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing is not only a powerful retelling of one of the great outrages of our time, but a warning for our future
Table Of Contents
Prologue: 1776 -- The blueprint -- Kindred spirits -- Mr. Spotless -- The ties fray -- "They're killing feds. They must be doing something right." -- "The first blood of war... WACO" -- Hillary Clinton's face -- Assembling the ingredients -- The desert rat -- The final days -- The blood of patriots and tyrants -- The Oklahoma standard -- So is mine -- The vise closes -- "Fighting this all my life" -- Merrick Garland's case -- The case against clutter -- "This ... is CNN" -- The biggest "get" -- The Fortiers flip -- Tigar, burning bright -- The necessity defense -- Matsch and the victims -- The defense implodes -- The government makes its case -- The case for the jury -- Unconquerable -- Epilogue: McVeigh's legacy
Literary Form
non fiction
First Simon & Shuster hardcover edition.
Physical Description
x, 418 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates, illustrations, 24 cm

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