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Blessed water, Margot Douaihy - hardcover

"Tattooed from her neck to her toes, and sporting a gold tooth as sharp as her wisecracks, Sister Holiday struggles to stay on the righteous path. Never one to make things easy for herself, she's committed to taking her permanent vows with the Sisters of the Sublime Blood and joining former fire inspector Magnolia Riveaux's latest venture, Redemption Detective Agency--both in service of satisfying her eternal quest for answers. When Sister Holiday and Riveaux are stood up by their very first client, they arrive at the rendezvous location, only to find the body of a priest floating in the swollen Mississippi River, and with it, Redemption's next case. It's significantly more gruesome than their original mission to catch a philandering husband in the act, but Sister Holiday feels called on by God to hunt down the murderer and keep her community safe. As a torrential rainstorm drowns New Orleans for three harrowing days over Easter weekend, Sister Holiday and Riveaux uncover extortion, murder, kidnapping, and corruption. With the stakes rising alongside the relentless floodwaters, Sister Holiday finds herself into the deep end yet again. Solving this puzzle will require divine intervention" --, Book jacket
Literary Form
First edition.
Physical Description
278 pages, 24 cm.

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