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Eat like a champion, performance nutrition for your young athlete, Jill Castle, MS, RDN, CDN - pbk

Kids have their own nutritional needs--especially athletic kids. Yet most young athletes aren't eating properly to compete. Even if they're on a "healthy" diet, it's often supplemented by convenient but empty calories that are actually slowing them down. Fortunately, with the right nutrition, young athletes can increase their energy, bolster their motivation, gain muscle mass, overcome fatigue, and improve their performance
Table Of Contents
Nutrition rules and regulations. The growing athlete: body and brain -- The starting lineup: major nutrients -- The second string: vitamins and minerals -- The relief pitcher: fluids and hydration -- Play-by-play eating. Game plan- one, two, three meals! -- Take a time out- top off with snacks -- Foul play- Supplements and performance aids -- Clearing the hurdles. Getting off the bench- healing the body with food -- The special diet dilemma -- Changing the youth sports nutrition landscape
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non fiction
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ix, 246 pages, 23 cm

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