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Finding Grace, a novel, Janis Thomas

Finding Grace, a novel, Janis Thomas
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Finding Grace
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Janis Thomas
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a novel
California: Twelve-year-old Melanie has been in foster care her whole life, moving from home to home--unloved and unwanted. She has found a kind of happiness with her recent foster family, Delilah and Ray. But Melanie has a secret, one she knows she can never share. Someone talks to Melanie, a presence no-one else can see or hear. Melanie calls her Penny and Penny has a message for her: something very bad is about to happen. New York: Louise has spent a lifetime battling with Grace, her unpredictable, troubled mother who brings chaos in her wake. After years of relative peace living a solitary life in New York, Louise hopes that she may never see her mother again. That is, until Grace is found wandering alone on the George Washington Bridge in nothing but her underwear. Grace wanted to get Louise's attention because Grace has a mission, a calling. A child is in terrible peril, and only they can save her. That's if Grace can convince her daughter she's not crazy.... Louise and Grace set off across America in search of Melanie, driven by Grace's firm belief that they must save this child from what's coming. But to do that, Louise must first come to understand and trust her mother. After so many years of pain and hurt, can the two finally heal old wounds in order to save one young girl?
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