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Secrets in the dark, Heather Graham

Secrets in the dark, Heather Graham
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Secrets in the dark
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Heather Graham
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The Blackbird trilogy, 2
Over a century after Jack, a new Ripper is on the loose. Following in the footsteps of notorious serial murderer Jack the Ripper, a killer is stalking the streets of London. The self-dubbed Ripper King strikes at night, leaving a trail of eviscerated bodies in his wake. Fresh off a case with potential ties to the recent rash of killings, FBI agents Della Hamilton and Mason Carter are all too familiar with a slayer set to rule with a lethal fist. And they'll stop at nothing to end his reign. The killer's MO may be nothing new, but his desire to be infamous makes him dangerous. Della and Mason know it's only a matter of time before their investigation emboldens this new Ripper, forcing the agents to work quickly before another woman winds up dead. But now that the heat is on, their game of cat and mouse takes an unexpected turn, leading Della and Mason into a deadly trap they never saw coming
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